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Coinmarketcap To Battle Fake Trading Volumes

Coinmarketcap To Battle Fake Trading Volumes

One Of The Most Used Crypto Tracking Websites Rolled Out A New Metric Aimed At Reducing Trading Volume Bubbles, considered as the top crypto metrics website for the entire cryptocurrency industry, announced the release of their new Liquidity metric. The new analytics measurement will serve as a better reflector of the trading activity in the sector.
The new metric is live, and, according to CoinMarketCap, it would be the most valuable metric for ranking cryptocurrencies and exchanges. The new analysis tool will generate an average value based on factors, such as order sizes and the difference between the order price and a given currency’s mid-price. The tool should gather information via several “snapshots” of the current state of the market at random intervals, based on a 24-hour timeframe. The average result would be generated in U.S. Dollars.
Founded in 2013, CoinMarketCap became a leader in primary blockchain data analysis. The company hopes the new metric is going to enable better market liquidity assessment, and a fairer way to rank the 3,000+ assets, listed on the website.
The biggest reason for the new metric is the inflated orders that some exchanges place, in order to increase their trading volumes. Exchange operators place a strongly deviating from the average price order, thus – boosting their trading volumes.
“If an exchange places such an order, they are basically selling and buying from themselves. The new metric will mitigate the effect of those orders,” Carylyne Chan, CSO at CoinMarketCap, stated.
Trading volumes are the ranking bottleneck of each crypto exchange – the bigger trading volume numbers, the higher an exchange ranks, thus – higher trust in the exchange platform. For instance, the Singapore-based CoinBene reached the top of the ranking on November 10th, with $1,2 billion in trading volume, according to the data tracking website. When using the new Liquidity metric however, Binance is ranked first, with little over $600 million in trading volumes.
The faking of trading volumes is an area of extensive discussion. In March, Bitwise Asset management filed a report to the United States’ Securities and Exchange Commission, claiming that 95% of the reported Bitcoin trading volumes are fake.
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